Genuinely Green

EZ Brite has been using the “cleanest” ingredients for our products since day one. 62 years of quality ingredients.

Good Housekeeping awards EZ Brite Cooktop Cleaner & Conditioner “Best Overall Stovetop Cleaner”

After testing a number of products, Good Housekeeping Magazine has selected our EZ Brite Cooktop Cleaner & Conditioner as the “Best Overall Stovetop Cleaner” in a just completed May 2020 test. Featuring a pleas-ant lemon fragrance, it is designed to be a one-step clean/shine/protect solution for glass and ceramic cooktops. CLICK HERE TO READ THE […]

About Us

It all began with a little copper tea kettle… Just after WWII, Mrs. Edgar Kennerson was having trouble cleaning her copper tea kettle. She tried all sorts of things but could not restore the kettle to its original bright copper color. She asked her husband if he had anything that might make it shine again. […]