Genuinely Green

Genuinely green or planet-friendly. Does it really matter?

Absolutely! And not just because it’s the trendy thing to do. It’s a responsibility.

EZ Brite has always used the “cleanest” ingredients for our products. 70 years of eco-friendly cleaning–since our first product, Penny Brite, was introduced in 1947. Our products are formulated with natural, vegetable oil-based soaps, food-grade based brightening agents, and micro-fine scrubbing minerals. We never use harsh acids and choose food-grade citric acid, instead. We never use phosphates, bleach, ammonia, or other harmful ingredients.

As Ohio’s first zero-waste manufacturing facility (no Dumpster since 1991), we choose recyclable containers where they are compatible with our products. We recycle our water when we clean our pumps, filling machines, and blending tanks and reuse it in the plant. Our drums are recycled back to our distributors. Packaging cartons are utilized for shipping or donated to the local food bank. Pallets are recycled and used to ship goods to customers. Our employees recycle beverage containers, office paper, cans … even the grounds from the coffee maker!

We do these things every day in all aspects of our operation.

Genuinely Green and Planet-Friendly. It matters…to us and to our customers!