About Us

It all began with a little copper tea kettle…

Just after WWII, Mrs. Edgar Kennerson was having trouble cleaning her copper tea kettle. She tried all sorts of things but could not restore the kettle to its original bright copper color. She asked her husband if he had anything that might make it shine again. Mr. Kennerson phoned an engineer friend asking for help in developing a formula to clean and shine copper and other metals. Through trial and error they created a solution they were sure would please Mrs. Kennerson. It worked so well, in fact, that Mrs. Kennerson shared it with her friends. Word spread about the cleaner and along came requests that eventually put Mr. Kennerson into production on the solution and off to market his new product, Penny Brite®. Penny Brite® was first sold commercially in 1947 to area retailers.

Since that time the company name has changed as well as the owner. Products have been added and the company has grown, but what remains the same is the efficacy and safety of the products. Our philosophy at EZ Brite is to make the best products for the job, period. From the development of Penny Brite to our latest “complete care for the kitchen” products, we have consistently committed ourselves to using the “right stuff.” That means, food grade ingredients, natural micro abrasives, mild and /or vegetable oil based soaps. Our products are phosphate-free. We never use bleach and nearly all of our products are 100% biodegradable and non-toxic. All of this allows our solutions to safely return to the environment. Planet friendly, it matters!

At EZ Brite, we focus on what we know best. We have been cleaning cookware, cooktops, and kitchen  surfaces for almost 70 years!  Fast, effective, safe for you, your family, and the environment.