EZ Brite Deluxe Non-Scratch Scrubs (2-pack)


Multi-Surface, Multi-Purpose Scrubs remove tough, baked-on greasy foods from cookware, cooktops and all kitchen surfaces. EZ Brite Scrubs are safe to use without the worry of scratching. Use in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or anywhere that needs a good scrub: refrigerator shelves, microwaves, cookware, cooktops, sinks, utility tubs, showers, laundry stains and more. The best part is nothing sticks to the surface not mashed potatoes, rice or even sticky cheese. Simply squeeze the Scrub under running water and the scrubbing surface comes clean. A run through the dishwasher keeps them clean and fresh. The scrubbing surface lasts and lasts. Planet friendly use and reuse.

  • 2 pack
  • Non-scratch, powerful cleaning without scratching
  • Multi-purpose, ideal for use on cookware, countertops, cutting boards, microwaves, sinks, showers, tubs and more
  • Tough, long-lasting, clean rinsing scrubbing surface
  • Clean and disinfect in the dishwasher and reuse
  • Attractive colors for your kitchen sink


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